General Surveillance Management Center


  • System Stability
  • Embedded Linux System, C/S Architecture
  • Support 7*24 stable operation
  • Support distribute and cascade deployment
  • Support hot standby for master server
  • Support N+M hot standby for slave server
  • High Compatibility
  • All devices included: network camera, network speed dome, NVR, DVR, MDVR, ITC, Access control, VDP, Alarm Controller, etc.
  • Connect third-party devices via standard ONVIF protocol
  • Offer the platform SDK for third-party platform or mobile phone do further development
  • High Flexibility and Scability
  • Up to 20 slave servers can be managed per master server
  • Support up to 5-level cascade
  • Support unlimited accounts management, 50 online users and 100 roles
  • Support 256 IP devices and 256 channels
  • Support 50 Onvif devices
  • Supports 100 IP Access Controls or Alarm Controllers and 200 channels
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DSS4004 Datasheet