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What’s New in DSS 8.0 ?


The Dahua Security Software (DSS) 8 is our latest VMS product. This version has a fresh new and simplified UI and UE, which greatly improves ease of use. Through its application-based design concept, it offers unified management of 6 major business scenarios (“3+2+1” scheme) to meet and satisfy customers’ needs. It includes 3 major security applications, 2 major object management and 1 major maintenance management. It also further strengthens the performance and security of the system, and enhances its effectiveness.

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New User-Friendly UI/UE Design

We have redesigned and decluttered the DSS 8 interface making it more responsive, colorful and simple.
The system can be managed and operated by one single PC client through its fine-tuned authority management to control user’s different operations, maximize ease of use, and reduce training costs.

“3 + 2 + 1 + N” Application-Based Design

DSS 8 is designed based on actual business application, making it easy to use and reducing user’s time and costs. We call it “3+2+1 application-based design”. It is composed of three security application management modules, two target object (people and vehicles) management modules, and one system operation and maintenance management module.

Integrated & Real-time Monitoring

The LiveView interface provides various integrated resources such as videos, access control, webpages, maps, events, etc. for easier monitoring.
It utilizes interface expansion on the right side to respond to events in time. By dragging an event entry to any window, the related video will then automatically play from 15 seconds
before the event to 15 seconds after the event.


• Displays the overall situation of equipment, channels, storage, servers and faults, utilizes different colors to distinguish different status, and detects abnormalities intuitively and quickly.
• Shows the failure related trends in the past 7 days and provide timely warnings.

Resource Status

• Independently displays the operation and maintenance status of equipment, channels, services and faults, including online, offline, video quality, etc.
• Allows searching of faults history of equipment and services.

Automatically Send Reports

• Supports custom sending of report templates, including sending time, period, subject, data content, and recipients.
• Administrators can make decisions through relevant reports.

Quick Search Entry

•In the liveview or playback interface of the monitoring center, you can pause the video, select the face image of the target and run image search.

Integrated Search

• Achieves intelligent searching of human and vehicle targets based on time and location.
• Allows archiving of people and vehicle’s entry and exit records, capturing images of people, saving driving records of vehicles, etc.

Activity Tracking

• Allows records searching of multiple event types, such as human body, face image, and identity confirmation, and forms tracks in chronological order.

Case Archive and Report

• A case library can be created in a unified manner to manage case-related events, pictures, videos, documents, etc.
• Generate and export system reports, including basic information, videos, pictures, and updated records.

Application Security

• Control users access based on their access permission.
• Synchronously backup important system logs to the log server.

Privacy Security

• Decentralizes and minimizes data.
• Desensitizes private information.
• Face mosaic technology.

Network Security

• Utilizes RASP or WAF to prevent web attacks.
• When system detects network attacks, users will receive notification by email, mobile phone, etc.
• CA certificate.

Data Security

• Secure encryption on network transmission, storage, download, and export.
• The storage duration of each video channel can be configured.